Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rules of War:Day and Night cycle

This is an experimental rule set for mission that we would like to get your opinion on. It can be used in conjunction with any of the standard missions.
At the beginning of the game roll on the following tables:

D3starting position of sun
1-start at night
2-start at dawn
3-start at high sun

D6 board edge
1-player 1's choice
2-player 1's board edge
3-player 1's right board edge
4-player 2's right board edge
5-player 2's board edge
6-Player 2's choice

the game is played for 7 turns or until the sun goes from twilight to night(whichever comes last). At the beginning of every turn roll a D6. If the roll is 4 or greater then advance the sun's status by one(from dark to dawn, from dawn to high sun, from high sun to twilight, and from twilight to night)

Dark/Night-there is no light out. units can only see 3D6" and must roll at the beginning of every turn.
Dawn-the sun is directly on the board edge it starts at. any unit trying to shoot into another unit with that board edge at its back suffers a -1 penalty on their to hit rolls and any unit charging another unit with the sun at it's back loses D6" from it's charging distance
High sun-the sun is directly over the board and their are no special effects.
Twilight- same as with dawn, only it is on the opposite board edge from the one dawn started at.

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