Friday, September 28, 2012

Echoes of War

"Naval tactics is a symphony of many different and elegantly carved elements coming together in a crescendo of success."
-Demion Gezeal, High-Admiral of the Dominion

"To Limbo with engine tolerance's, RAM THE SHIP!"
-Captain Oineir Helibar's "last order"

"Thalássio , mas kathodi̱geí pros ti̱ níki̱!" (Thalássio, guide us to victory!)
-common writings on Stygian ships

"Elves of Galmanear, before you stands the strait of Heij, the gate way to our realm. Just beyond that gate, lies a fleet of vile goblins ships, many of which would not be sea worthy if they had not stolen them from us in the first place. Tell me, can we allow such an injustice to be seated so close to us? Nay I say; Nay a thousand times over! So long as we breath, we must never allow them to mock us in such away. We must destroy them, for the honor of your families, for the honor of Galmanear, and for your own honor! Attack!"
-Prince Felimen Galea

"Me father was a bastard born at sea,
me mother was a bar maid, servin' week old mead,
they came to together fur a good time,
and left me there with only a lime.

I grew up on the streets, a proper urchin was I,
once even robbed the dry docks, did I,
till, one day I heard a crier crying a most glorious cry,
that i'll never forget till the day I die:

'Hey there lad, sick and tired of your life?
Wish you had some place to sharpen that knife?
Come to Hellspout an' you'll see,
how grand tis a life at sea.'"
-The opening part of a sea sailor's shanty, a popular ballad in Hellspout

"...watz 'tacktikz'?"
-Trol werlad Fermuncha, after defeating HighAdmiral Demion Gezeal

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