Sunday, August 12, 2012

Echos of War: The Warning of the Dead

"In this fair year a crisis arose
 in a land where the legends are told.
And, the war at home, the nobles propose:
 we go to Arbi, the land of gold.

'To arms! To arms!', they all did cry,
 while sharpening sword, spear, and axe.
They said, 'We march now to liberate Arbi!'
 while readying their empty packs.

A thousand miles that army did walk,
 through snow, grass, water, and mud.
To the ancient land of tombs of dust and chalk
 and the left home a trail of blood.

Ten tribes of non-men they did kill
 and left ablaze, human towns numbering fifty.
The priests did say 'This is Beation's divine will!'
 while counting to when they need not be thrifty.

They came to the river, and in blood they paid the toll
 But on the other side what did they find?
Not a land of wealth and gold, but a vast desert and a horde of Trolls
 whom out numbered them by nine to five.

They fought all day and night on that cursed ground,
 but neither side wouldn't admit defeat.
All day and night Man and Troll would die and fall down,
 The land was a quagmire of blood was under their feet.

Eventually, the Trolls did leave the fight,
 and the Nobles and Priests screamed, 'We win!'
But, the Trolls had retreated to get better sight,
 of the army's destruction by a horde of Ratkin.

The families of the dead did cry off their heads,
 but the nobles at home had a different cry.
Instead, they stepped over the piles of dead
 and once again they said, 'To Arni!'"
-"The Warning of the Dead", written by Delmer Gale (executed for treason and heresy)

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