Friday, June 1, 2012

Rules of War:indirect fire

Indirect Fire is an experimental command that you may or may not use with your armies. If you do choose to use it p;ease give us any questions, comments, or concerns you have on it:

Indirect Fire
Command points:3(2)
-Indirect fire is another variation on shooting. A unit that uses indirect fire may add 3" to their range, but the target must be outside of half the weapons firing distance(for example, if you used Indirect fire on a unit armed with longbows(range 24"), then the target must be within 12 to 27 inches). Indirect fire may be used to target units outside of your line of sight. Using indirect fire reduces you D6 roll by 1 and the unit loses 1 command point next turn. Units with the radius special rule may Indirect fire for only 2 command points, and do not lose a command point on the next turn.

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