Friday, July 6, 2012

Rules of war:experimental mission: Ma'tai vs. mob

This is an experimental mission that also features some rules for units which can be used here or in a normal game (please note that this is a proof of concept). The list included will only be manageable on small scale games:
Core Infantry
Ma'tai merchant band
-While normally peaceful, they can be aggravated to acts of violence if they are threatened.

M Cs Ss P Ar L At Sp Co Pts. N
5” 4plus 4plus 3 3 1 1 5 4 150 15
command points:2
upgrades:may be given swords and shields for 15pts and/or axes for 15pts. May take short bows for 30pts, or pistols for 30pts. May take light armor for 15pts. May take a Champion for 5Pts.

Ma'tai Leader
-It is unknown how the leader of a Ma'tai band is chosen, but, they seem to be the merchant who was wronged in the first place.

M Cs Ss P Ar L At Sp Co Pts. N
5” 4plus 4plus 3 3 2 2 5 4 70 1
command points:3
rule:Ma'tai, unique
upgrades:may be given a sword and shield for 5pts, short bow for 5pts, pistol for 10pts, and/or an axe for 5pts.  May take light armor for 5pts.

-protection 5+, skirmish

Angry mob
-This is a profile for a bunch of citizens who has royally angered the Ma'tai. 

M Cs Ss P Ar L At Sp Co Pts. N
4” 5plus 5plus 3 2 1 1 3 2 spc. 30
Equipment:clubs, daggers, pitchforks, scythes, and torches (all count as clubs)
command points:1
rules: skirmish, RUN!

-always fails any Courage check involving close combat. They also always run towards their board edge.

Save the Villagers
-Some Villagers have royally ticked off a band of wandering Ma'tai merchants. While you normally wouldn't care, the fact remains that, some influential people were in that mob, and now you have to go save them.

The number of points this mission has is dictated by the Ma'tai player, as he/she is only allowed 3 units of merchant bands and only one leader (520pts. minimum,  725pts max). The defending player (the player trying to save the mob) gets one mob to be rescued. The following diagram shows how the units are to be set up(please note that it is on as 6' by 4' board and has no terrain). Also please note that I am a terrible artist.

Ma'tai# stands for where which unit can be placed. The leader can be placed with any of the units. please note that the safe zone overlaps with the Army (defender) deployment zone. The distance between the Army and the Angry Mob (and also the Ma'tai) is about 12"

The goal of the mission is two fold

1. The number of Models from the Angry mob that successfully make it to the safe zone out of the total number of models in the original Angry Mob. Each safe model counts as 50pts for the defender, while each dead model counts as 50pts for the Ma'tai.

2. Destroy the other Army. You only get points when a units either flees off the board or is totally destroyed.

Who ever has the highest number of points at the end of the game wins.

If you want, you can add more units to the Ma'tai side (always in increments of 3, with one extra per deployment zone.), add extra angry mobs, or just substitute out the Ma'tai for a different army.

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