Sunday, March 4, 2012

Legends of War:The Quhelet War, the wakening of a continent

Despite being relatively new, in terms of how long people have known about it, the continent of Inaros has been invaded countless times by Men, Elves, Ratkins, Stygians, and Trolls(who were trying to invade the Dominion and got lost. How they ended up in Inaros, since they didn't have ships, is a source of debate even among other Trolls). However, one of the first people to invade were the Dwarfs who were looking for a quicker way to reach the Bayous. The first Dwarf to set foot on Inaros was Kristof Grunber who claimed all of Inaros in the name of the Dwarfs. Attempts to enact their authority ended up with almost all the Dwarfs being killed and for a while the Dwarfs did nothing. In 1422 a.d.c., one year after Kristof's discovery, a more ambitious Dwarf by the name of Herndar Kuortek set off with a thousand Dwarfs to claim Inaros for the Dwarfs. Fortunately for Inaros, the Dwarfs landed in the Quhelet Empire.

The landing of the Dwarven Aero-clads and Iron-Aeros created a spectacle among the Inaors, as these devices were clearly flying and was carrying strange short men who shared their skin and had long beards,  black hair, spoke with weird words, and were clad head to toe in brightly colored plates. The news traveled as fast as horse could carry it and Emperor Mazotrathen was informed of them in no time. The descriptions of the Dwarfs piqued his curiosity: where these creatures some sort of messenger or devil? He decided to hold a meeting with them but had his elders search through the texts for some sort of clues as to what they were. On Balg the 17th, Mazotrathen and Herndar met in the city of Demacar and at first it was peaceful, then the emissaries from the Ylme tribe(the first tribe encountered by the Dwarfs) recognized the unnecessary clipping and haughtily laid back attitude as the same as the creatures who almost wiped out his tribe.

Attempts to negotiate were further complicated by having to use no less then 6 translators just to get a basic message across and the Dwarf's temper and accent just made things worse. Eventual they had all discarded their words and taken up arms and, in no time, the Dwarfs were in control of the city, but not the Emperor. The fighting lasted for three years with the highly mobile style of Inaros warfare clashing with the stone like tactics of the Dwarfs with battle lines changing daily and no less then 4000 dwarf reinforcements. However, the Dwarfs did not expect this to last so long and were running severely low on gunpowder and the money to buy it, so the sent a 500 Dwarf team to Mount Gerkamena to retrieve some sulfur and set up a mining operation. They reached the mountain but encountered the 900 warriors of the Ylme tribe(who shadowed the whole expedition) and both sided fought to the death in the molten core of the volcano. With no gunpowder left, and a significant portion of his troops dead or deserting, Herndar had no choice but to withdrawal which effectively propelled a previously unknown continent into the spotlight as other races, heedless of the Dwarf's failure, tried to carve it up.

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