Thursday, March 29, 2012

Echoes of war

"The attack of a Goblin army is very mush like the attack of snow on a fire. Individually it will be ineffective, but each snowflake who dies weakens the defenses just that much. Eventually, it will be impossible to bring in more fuel, as the snow is to high and there is no way around it, and the fire will be left to fend for itself. In a matter of time, it will have been extinguished, and the only signs of its passing are chard and unrecognizable remains."
-Shpeal Brans, Garmarian Scholar

"Ons Donker God, Verbode Kennis, wil hĂȘ jy moet weer opstaan​​.Volg sy bevel en julle siele toegestaan ​​sal word om die ewige lewe."
Translation: Our Dark god, Verbode Kennis, wills that you shall rise again. Follow his command and your souls will be granted eternal life.
-a ritual for raising skeletons

"You know what isn't natural? The un-dead. I mean, what bright spark woke up one-day and said, ' By George, I will fill my not-dead army's ranks with un-dead people and call it a good-day!' Probably one of those stupid skul gnomes if you ask me."
-Hiterdale Mesgard, Gnomish Mayor

"You strange people come over here and then claim all of our lands for yourself. You think you are better then us as you have thunder sticks, iron plates, and hairy faces. You do not realize that you have turned your back to the Golems and other spirits of nature simply for your "profit". One day you shall feel nature's wrath and I hope you remember it."
-One of Mazotrathen messages to Herndar Kuorte
simplified(via numerous translation errors) to: "Your mother was a Troll drag and your father was a Elvish pig."

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