Saturday, March 10, 2012

Legends of War:Nidhogg, Dragonmen

On both Dominion and Gnome lands live tribes of creatures that are humanoid in form but resemble Dragons. They called the Nidhogg, and their story is a mysterious one, for nobody is certain how did they get into existence, but they were always there. The first of their tribes appeared in Skull Valley, a form of Elephants Graveyard for Dragons. It is perhaps the Dragons who had created them to protect their graves, but nobody knows now, not even the Nidhogg. Because of many raids it had suffered, Dragons had forsaken Skull Valley and had went out to find a new graveyard, one that remains secret even to this day (however the Elven Homeland seems like a logical choice). The Hidhogg had later on migrated and spread throughout the lands of the current Dominion and Gnome country, they were even seen in the Dwarf Kingdoms, Goblin Plains and encounters were made in Vissaria.

The Nidhogg live barbaric lives, with very primitive tribe and spiritual traditions. Their Tribes live in cities made from Wood and stone, decorated by animal skulls and bones they got while hunting. Their army is more of a tight brotherhood, with everyone knowing one another, while a Chieftain is seen as the ''eldest brother'', who is usually counseled by a mystic Druid. A Nidhogg army is very powerful, because each Nidhogg is roughly 8, 9  or even 10 feet high, with bulky stature, thick scales (with a multitude of colors, ranging from red, to green, even yellow and grey), sharp claws, long fangs, superior senses (especially eyesight) and a temperamental nature. One of their Tribesmen is usually outfitted with clothes made of animal skin and fur, decorated by gruesome trophies, such as skulls and bones of they had slain in battle, and are armed with round wooden shields, and various close combat weapons, from swords, to axes, to maces and hammers. In rare situations, a Chieftain will call for aid from other Chieftains to deal with greater foe, but most of the time, the Tribes are fighting each other.

The Nidhogg stand neutral in most situations, although they seem to be quite trade friendly with Humans of the Dominion, Gnomes and Dwarfs, but most of the times they meet with Vissaria, it ends up in a bloody conflict. From the trade they do get, they had acquired some exotic weaponry, such as rifles, cannons, steam engines, and even flamethrowers, while the Nidhogg in return can give so much as fine fur, strong alcohol and a warm welcome. It has been more then once that their allies had called for their help, as a mercenary army, in which case, a Tribe would gather it's men, commit war rituals, paint their faces with magic runes and march to war, as a small, but powerful army.

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