Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Echoes of War

"Why am I a pirate? I am a pirate because I seek to conquer the world and have but a few ships and only a handful of men. You are a king because you seek to conquer the whole world and have hundreds of ships and tens of thousand of men."
-Captain Ironjaw Helik addressing King Alarxis

"May the false gods you worship be proof of your ignorance."
-a common Chaos saying

"Unce, da ohniverze waz nuffin but a bunch uf nuffin. Den, in un beet, da ohniverse was filled wit a groove dat furced evea ting inta exsitence. It revabaratd around and it cauzed the bodez ta moov to dis an' it created evea ting dat is. Now it mey be tousands uf yers lata but if ya listen closly, much easia fur a Troll den ya Ohmans, ya can stil 'ear dat groove. But wat I fink is weird, an' mey 'ave led ta me banishment, is; I can almost swer ta her a voice bafor da groove. It soundz ta me lik itz saying rela fast:
five, six ,seven, eight..."
-The berd Wokezter and his highly controversial(even among Trolls) view on the universe

"If I had a piece o' gold for every time I've run into Dominion warships, or any warships for that matter, I'd have a million gold coins. Oh wait, I DO!"
-Captain Nogram before outrunning yet another Dominion patrol

"You don't know anything about the Scarecrows. Want to know how I know? Because I've seen them at war. Those images you conjure of them, the ones made of metal, bones, wood, and stone among all other things? There's. Much. Worse. THERES A SPIDER TYPE THING THAT CAN KILL A DOZEN MEN WITH A SWEEP OF ITS LEG! Don't call me crazy. I've seen them. I've...built them. They are horrible, horrible monster. And they aren't the worst ones either. NO!... There's this one that can fly high into to sky and never come down. There's this one that can RIP THE BONES out of... of... your body and then it walks around trying to be you. Then there's the one that shoots acid out of its eyes, the one with the nine mouths that trys to eat you alive, and the one that makes your brain explode just by looking at you. But by far the worst is....the worm..."
-Antony Phalglay, former Scarecrow slave, before being sent to an institution

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