Friday, February 24, 2012

Echoes of War

"Brother and sister gods and demi-gods may I please have your attention? I thank all who have excepted my invitation and feasted prodigiously upon my food and drunk heartily of my spirits but now I have a matter for your full bellies and clear minds to dwell upon. Peace. As you know, I am the youngest of you all and have seen only violence between you all. None of you can decide whom is better and must waste away the lives of mortals, as wells as immortals, to determine who is the best all while rallying behind other gods. But no more of this needless bloodshed. I propose that I, with all your best interests and no real powers, should form a sort of overseer or judge among your disputes and settle them as fairly as possible. If you would let me, we could reign in a new era of peace and understanding that would stretch on for eons and protect us from those-who-can-fall. What say you? Those who are against this proposal give a heartfelt "ney"."
-The speech of Chaos at the Banquet

''DAOKARLOP! fire's howling round the earth! DAOKARLOP! Swallowing the whole wide world! DAOKARLOP! The prediction is fulfilled! DAOKARLOP! Many Gods have been killed!''
-Dwarf Battle chant

''Lord of Chaos, brother of wisdom, the other side of good lurking in your mind! Lord of Chaos, by evil kissed and your other side the evil, I will find!''
-a common prayer to Chaos

"Men of the Dominion, the Dominque has but one request for all of you:HOLD YOUR GROUND!"
-Captain Velma Delphe, the Battle of Twin Valley

''Visual up-link established. Initializing spectral analysis of battlefield. Scanning. Scanning. Spectral analysis concluded. Terrain features elevated ground on N/NE, grassy flats at E/SE, and a river stretching from S to SW & W. Hostile targets number in 437. Threat level:minimal. Units 2/17 through 7/17 activate protocol 3-6-2, capture and conquer.''
-Leader 7 at The Battle of Liparo Pedia

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