Sunday, March 25, 2012

Echoes of War

''Yo-ho! Haul together!
Hoist the colors high!
Heave-ho! Thieves and beggars!
Never shall we die!''
-Hellspout song before battle.

"I was sitting down in a red chair, in a strange dark room,  with an oddly shaped door and wearing oddly colored clothes. In the room there was a table, at which sat an odd, legless creature, making an odd clanking noise on a metal box with a round cylinder and every now and then it made a bell like noise, and he slid the cylinder out. There was also music playing, but I didn't see a band or anyone, and it sounded like the music was going into the instruments. Then in came an oddly clothed man..."
-Manter Geivle, Half-breed Troll, before his assassination by Trolls

"Boys, keep yer darts sharp and yer powd'r dry.
We've got us e'nough enemies ta make yer Ancestors p'oud;
An' p'oud we'll make 'em."
-a common dragoon chant

"If I we're to believe everything you humans had to say, then I would be running away from myself all the time."
-Galebreath Heasen, Elf Captain

"SHUUUUU!. Quiet down ya stupid goblins. Otha wise they'd know dat we were attackin'."
-The words that lead to the discovery of the (successful) diversionary force at the fall of Uoberwaeld

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