Friday, March 23, 2012

Legends of war:Reptilions, Lords of Civilization

In what is now the  Blasted Desert, at the shores of some rivers that were flowing through the continent, started forming small villages, which would work together to form irrigation systems, so that water flows evenly to all. Later on, around the year of 4000b.d.c, the very first nation was formed. The Reptillions, a form of frilled lizard that walks up straight, and has superior intellectual capabilities to even Elves or Stygians, were the very first to construct a nation, out of white marble rock, which would decorate the deserts with it's great beauty. At first, there were two nations, the East Kingdom, and the West Kingdom, and they were united at the year of 3000b.d.c., when the ruler of the Eastern Kingdom (named Menes) subjugated the Western one, and uniting it into the Great Reptile Empire, which would last for the next 3000 years unrivaled, and last to this very day. It's history is divided into 4 parts:

The Old Empire: This is the period when Menes united the two Kingdoms, and proclaimed himself as Ramsa or ''Big House'' as literal translation in the Reptillion language. A Ramsais considered a messenger from the Gods, and his words, their law. His rule was absolute. But, as the priesthood and the Ramsa gained power, the smaller regions revolted, and the Old Empire had shattered.

The Middle Empire: From the capital city of Teba, the new Ramsa Menhotep the Great had restored order, and had allowed the Reptillions to advance further in both agriculturally, politically and culturally. These changes started at the end of the 2000b.d.c. But since 18 century b.d.c, the central rule was weakening, and the local lords were strengthening, and thanks to this, an Orc tribe had conquered their Empire at 1670b.d.c.. The Orcs came on huge beasts of war, which had terrified the Reptillions, and this was their primary mean of victory. The Orcs would rule the Empire for 500 years.

The New Empire: The Orcs rule was weakening at the south of the Empire, and Teba immediately used this chance and freed itself, as well as uniting the country, chasing away the Orcs from their territory, as well as any other following invasion, and the borders of the New Empire were growing. Since the beginning of 12 century b.d.c., the Empire was constantly under Goblin raid, or ''people across the seas'' as the Reptillions called them. This had weakened the Empire over time. At roughly 950b.d.c., the Goblins had invaded the Empire, their ruler Sesonk, proclaimed himself as "Ramza", and soon, the Reptillion Empire crumbled again.

The Late Empire: By overthrowing the Goblin rulers, the Empire could expand once more, but soon they were assaulted again by Elves, whose attack began at 715b.d.c, but ended at 662b.d.c., with the Reptillions victorious. In the Reptillion army, there were many mercenaries too, which mostly included Goblins and Stygians from Yonia (another city-state). The Stygians for their services were allowed to occupy a small area, and form a new city state, named Naukratis. But soon, the Trolls came, and destroyed the Reptillion Empire. Only a bit of territory remains this day, for which the Reptillions fight with tooth and nail every day to preserve. This is their final stand, but the people believe that they will arise once more, like they always did.

The Reptillions fight in well organized columns of experienced soldiers, riding on top of great cold-blooded beasts, which might resemble those that went extinct millions of years ago. They also rely on their intellectual skills, to combine engineering and sorcery into some devastating weaponry. And so support them, the Reptillions use mercenary troops to back up their solid formations. Now, their race faces the greatest threat ever, the Trolls will not stop their attacks, until either of their races is extinct.

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