Monday, March 26, 2012

Echoes of War

"If we run from battle we are running from our country. If you charge without orders you are killing your own children. If you die today, make your fore fathers proud and die a hero's death.
-The first Field Marshal at the Battle of High Plains

"What we need is to have a giant metallic worm like device drill up through the ground and eat the enemy army. No? Well, what if we were to somehow... what was that?"
-Gnomeish engineer Heild Denber before his kidnapping by scarecrows

"Wat we'z Trolls no dat ya squishies dont now is dat us Trolls aint squishy, so dat means dat no mata wat ya do we well alwas be beta den ya."
-Wer chef Guty Bergand, trying to instigate a war with the Dominion

"May our lord protect us from the sword of our enemy, may he allow no harm to fall on his followers. If we doubt him even once in this battle, let him smote us. But, if we are true in faith and never falter in the belief of his divine protection, then let us come to grips with our enemies and slaughter them wholesale"
-The Prayer of Protection in Battle

"For an Elf to gain strength, he must fight and train.
For an Elf to gain power, he must pray and believe."
-a common Elf saying

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