Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Legends of War:Gnolls, the Howling Hunters

Within the Blasted Desert, there is not just sand, but many watery oasis' and grassy savannas as well. These locations are usually where Trolls, humans, or Reptillions construct settlements and later on entire cities. But some of these areas are still wild, and they are seen as property of the Hyena people, the Gnolls. There is only one or two Tribes near each of these locations, except in one, the Laughing Savannah, a large grassy landscape that even has oddly shaped trees and a single large lake. This is where perhaps dozens of Gnoll Tribes gather and even meet. The Savannah got it's name because there always seems to be a distant voice, laughing, like some madman.

This place once used to be property of the Orcs, and it used to be called the Bloody Marsh, thick with plantlife, but once the Trolls came and blasted the entire continent, the marsh became but a Savannah, but it is still the most notable one in the entire desert. The Gnolls had later on settled here, and started forming permanent villages, unlike most others, who live nomadic lives, nesting from oasis to oasis. The Gnolls have a tribal culture, and are highly dependent on the blessings from their Gods, which mostly revolve about hunting and battle.

The Gnolls possess extremely low technology, for they still rely on wood and stone, as well as making leather clothes, and shields made from cow skin, but they are not to be underestimated in battle. Their senses are extremely keen, and they are lightning fast. They ride on top of giant canine beasts, as well as an occasional war elephant. Also, before each battle, their Shaman preform some weird rituals, making potions from crushed animal bones and herbs, which are believed to grant them special abilities. It is true that Gnolls have no wish of conquest or control, and are usually targeted by Reptillions, to be brought in as slaves, but if they must, they will fight with fang and claw. And if they are the ones doing the hunting, then you may as well pray that they ignore you, for that is the only way to escape.

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