Saturday, December 11, 2010

Battle of Red Gouge beach

The Stygians were masters of the classic world ,due to there hoplites and and Juggernauts, and for 300 years they never lost a single battle. However a large goblin warband ,known as warband slappsya, invaded and took over the stygian island of Hellspout before the hoplites could respond. As Hellspout was the sole producer of iron for the stygians at the time it is unknown how the goblins did such an amazing feat. This infuriated the Stygian King Thurkus assembled the largest army and navy has ever seen to recapture their valuable island.

They managed to land at Red Gouge beach with almost no resistance from any ships. The stygians managed to get almost 3/4 of their hoplites on the beach when suddenly a goblin hoard numbering in the tens of thousands disgorged itself from the many caverns on the beach and even the famous gouge. At the same time hundreds of ships appeared from Winter Pine island and began attacking the stygian navy. Unprepared for any kind of attack the Stygian hoplites on the beach were overwhelmed in a matter of minutes and at least 78 triremes were sunk. The only hope the stygians had was their 100 jugernauts, unfortunately, these ships could not keep up with the shear numbers of goblin ships and so they tried to escape. However, in addition to the normal rams, catapults, and bows the goblin's were using a new weapon known as a "rumgun" and with them reaped a horrendous toll on the stygian ships.

When the invasion fleet escaped the battle only about 50 ships out of the 2000 ships that went returned. This battle not only severely weakened the stygian empire and destroyed all pride it had but it also proved that the goblins were a force to be reckoned with.

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