Saturday, December 11, 2010

echoes of war stygians

Éna kalá ekpaidev̱méno polemistí̱s eínai éna apotelesmatikó polemistí̱s. Éna kalá ekpaidev̱méno strató eínai éna niki̱fóro strató.''
-Translates to 'A well trained warrior is an effective warrior. A well trained army is a victorious army'' a saying used in Stygian training camps.

''Énas ánthro̱pos tró̱ei éna ktí̱nos. Ménoume sio̱pi̱loí.
Énas ántras kóvei éna déntro. Ménoume sio̱pi̱loí.
Énas ántras skotó̱nei éna téras. Ménoume sio̱pi̱loí.
Énas ánthro̱pos molýnei to dásos. Emeís kyní̱gi.''
-A writing found writen in a tree which translates to:
'A man eats a beast. We stay silent.
A man cuts down a tree. We stay silent.
A man slays a monster. We stay silent.
A man defiles the forest. We hunt.'
Probably a chant of the Kyngos, Stygian Hutnresses.

''We had underestimated the goblins before, we saw them as nothing more but animals. But one day, they had proven to be cunning & devious. They were the main reason of the fall of our Empire, and it is because of us they were capable of creating weapons such as ''The Rum Guns''. We had made that mistake once, we shall not do so again.''
-A speech by Narxus, a Stygian who explained the Humans of the Dominion why their once great empire had fallen.

''Dem Stigs iz like da musheies only des blue 'n' dey got mashed by da squikies.''
-Gore Finga, Troll Warchief

''Skotó̱ste tous ólous! Deíxte tous den éleos!''
Translates to: 'Kill them all! Show them no mercy!' A Stygian battlecry.

''Ánodos Kolossós, ánodos! Ypárchoun echthroí na katastrépsoun! Ánodos kai na tous férei ti̱n katastrofí̱! Anodos!''
Translates to: 'Rise Colossus, rise! There are enemies to destroy! Rise and bring them destruction! Rise!' a chanting that awakes a Colossus from it's slumber.

"I pediada anavates itan symmachoi mas gia pano apo 3000 chronia. To̱ra eichan af̱xi̱thei gia na antimetopisei tous antipalous tous. Einai kairos na kanoun to idio."
-words of King Alarxis before he started the Conquest of Stygia-
Translation: The Plain Riders were our allies for over 3000 years. Now they had risen up to face their opponents. It is our time to do the same.

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  1. Huntress quote REMOVED, instead, comes another one:

    ''The Stygians ruled the world...our old Emperors did. They took the Stygian army far & wide, there was nothing left to conquer, the world was ours. But the old Emperors are dead, their Empire is gone, & so come the evil days. The Free men of Stygia had torn on each-other, instead of their proper enemies...those who envy all the Stygians had done. The old Emperors must weep, but the dead don't weep, I will weep in their place, but I shall also hope, the world turns, what was may come again. The faith still nits webs of men's lives. So now perhaps the Gods wish the Stygians to be great again. Perhaps a new Emperor will take up the sword, bring order where there is chaos, remake the world to a better place...perhaps...''
    -King Alarxis' great speech when he started his great crusade to unite the city-states of Stygia.-