Sunday, December 26, 2010

Echoes of war Gnomes

"everyone knows that Gnomes are the best engineers in the world. I mean we hardly ever use metal in our constructions so we don't have to worry about mining and coal and cave ins and all that other stuff that the dwarfs, elves, humans, and ratkins have to worry about."
-redhead berger, gnome engeiner

"Dos Combs dink dat deys shuch good Lug 'eads when dey cant even make a propa Jak waggoon wit out arguan whose rite an' whose rong."
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef

"We are the gnomeish navy, The High Sea's Expedition Fleet. We represent the pinnacle of Gnomeish technology. Tremble in fear as we are your death incarnate." 
-high admiral Reawen Gnomegard, before the humiliating defeat at the hands of Da Dred Perat Robzya

"The gnomes are really quite arrogant. There favorite letters are G and N, there main city is Gnomegard, They take the city they live in's name as there last, and ,worst of all, they think themselves more advanced then us."
-Franz Pertan, Germarian scholar

"Hey you, who's puny now?"
-Del Forestren, Harvester pilot

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