Sunday, November 7, 2010

echos of war Goblins

"Rum in ya gun. RUM in ya gun. Dats wat da boss man says i gotta(HIC) do wit dis ere fine rum. To bad onla half of it seems ta make it in da gun. I always(HIC) spill da rest in my mouth."
-derk staba, rum gun crewman

-rake lake, bat goblin

"Most people seem to think that goblins are stupid. This however is not true. If they were stupid they wouldn't call the goblins with bows geniuses."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

"Da one fing dats squishea den da ohmens is da goblans. And ohmens are very squishy so wat do dat tell ya?"
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef

"I stalked all night looking for prey and all i found were some insignificant paladins? Oh i will never hear the end of this."
-Night Stalker, spider goblin

"They say that goblins never make their own weapons. Those dirty bastards are always...AH SLAVE HANDLER! No its just a sheep herder."
-bersk, former scarecrow slave

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