Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gore Shmacka

Before the Trolls came, the Blasted Desert was in fact an entire continent spanning jungle inhabited by the Reptillions. They lived there "peacefully" for many hundreds of years. Then one night a strange light appeared in the sky and began to grow at a fast rate. The Reptillions interpenetrated this as an omen of good fortune and swarmed to the top of the trees to see it better.

They quickly discovered that they were wrong.

A Massive object known to the trolls as "Gore Shmacka" Came down and crashed into the jungles almost instantly turning it into the dessert that it is today. Soon afterwords thousands of Trolls began to pour out of the object and destroyed the nearest cities within there reach almost completely Wiping out the Reptillions of the southern continent as well as nearly destroying the rest of the world. Now the Reptillions seek to reclaim there many lost Temple cities and to expel the Trolls from there lands.

It is a battle that has been lost long ago.

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