Saturday, February 4, 2012

Forces of War:Taboo

Sect of Five:The Sect of Five is the largest of the cult followings of Verbode Kennis and and also the one in which Keren the Exalted is the champion of. They have been surviving in the dark alleyways of cities and the remote areas of countryside for as long as there has been magic. No where is free of their influence; even some Inaros are openly members of the Sect. So long as there are people searching for eternal life, the answer to all, or even just that tiny bit of power necessary to win, there will always be members of the Sect of Five. In battle they are a mob of wizards chanting and casting spells with reckless abandon and winning their battles simply through the sheer volume of forbidden spells they have.

Council  of Death:"Mortem ad omnes" is the only the only thing many people know of them, and all it is is their saying. The Council of Death is a strange and shadowy cult who's origins, or even goals, are as unknown as there rumors flying around them. What is "known" is that they treat Verbode Kennis more as an equal then a god, that they are some of the greatest necromancers in the world, that there are only around 3 dozen of them, and ,most inexplicably of all, that they are said to feed something off of living humans. However, the only real way is to separate the lies from the truths is by meeting them face to face, which can only be done in battle. Any facts that they are able to gleam are useless, as dead men can't speak.

Tubu:A strange cult that grew up in the marshes of Luciena, Tubu is a religion more focused on curseing others then doing anything else. They worship Verbode Kennis not as one god but as 5,555 different deities, each marking a separate type of magic or representing another way to kill someone. Through complex rituals Bokor, as the followers of Tubu are known, can create a staggering variety of spells and curses, so many, in fact, that they will often forget one that they already knew or accidental create the wrong ones. For the followers of Tubu to create their magic, they need body parts and sacrifices of all different types, which has lead to them being the most warlike of all of the followers of Verbode Kennis. In battle, they are a massacring and motley crew of extreme proportions,  so much so that entire castles have fallen in mere minuets under their attack.

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