Sunday, February 19, 2012

General Proclomation:rule change

FabricatorGeneralMike (From DakkaDakka) submitted this rule system change and I was wondering if we should run it:
...have you thought about using different dice to represent different 'level's of training? You lowlife scumbags could be D6, while trained army members are D8, Vets are D10 while your uber guys are D12? Just make it everything hits on a +4. Force on Force using this mechanic and it works like a charm. You could also use it for moral. So some guys like chaos cultists will be D6 Troop Quality while if they where fanatics could have a moral of D8 or D10. When gak really hits the fan you could also use die shifts so say your CC are flanking a unit they would hit at TQ D8 instead of D6. Just some food for thought.

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