Sunday, February 12, 2012

Echoes of War

"Processing battle data. Processing complete. Initiating siege protocol number 2-2-10. Unexpected development: flank victory. Recalculating battle data. Recalculation complete. Initiating assault protocol 9-9-4. Unexpected development: enemy soldiers not fighting us and throwing down weapons while shouting and putting their hands in the air. Recalculating battle data. Recalculation complete. No protocol found. Re-initiating assault protocol 9-9-4."
-First record of scarecrow tactics attributed to former slave Astar Melcan

"If der's one fing us goblins do good it's drink. Afata that, we can prety much crush ana one dat we want ta trough numba's alone cuz we got so mana o' us and ther's so few o' you."
-Goblin boss Derk Detsa

"Our Lord and god Beation please preserve us from what evils that we may face as we lead our lives every day in your name. Please deliver your grand and glorious nation of Vissaria to the heights that your loyal people deserve and as you have promised to us Ahmen. Fafe Herare.
-translation to Daily Prayer to Beation

"They're after me... THEY'RE AFTER ME. You don't know do you? The men of skulls. And wood. THEY HAVE NO SOUL. They are dead... and yet. They move. How can things with no souls MOVE? And they don't just move NO. They. Can. Kill... with a glance! NO! Not a glance, that takes less time then they do. And what do they do with those they don't kill? I don't know. Men with no souls have need of the living's souls though.WHY? (Starts crying)I don't want to know."
-The only survivor of the Meldernarn Massacre

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