Tuesday, January 17, 2012

forces of war:Ratkins

Ratingham:Ratingham is the leading city of all ratdom. It is an increadibly large city with a populance to rival that of the entire Dominion(colonies included) and yet, it has a the ammount of moral problems you'd find on a single Garmarian ship. This has lead to large armies of Ratkins being raised to increadibly high standards, often enough to have people mistake their scouting parties for troops-of-the-line. In battle, they are an endless tide of iron, teeth, fur, and fury often having to stop a campaign, simply because they have run out of land to maneuver on. However, the casualties they take are horrendous, often numbering high in the thousands, but the number of dead is still rarely enough to make them retreat.

Ratwood forest: Ratwood forest is a city which spans the length of an entire forest, and has the population to prove it. In fact, over half of all the Ratkin raids and colonizations attempts originate in this forest and almost all of them include at least a dozen units of them. This has given rise to the rumor that, ratkins are cowardly in battle, as no Ratkin unit is more libel to run away then a company of clanrat's for Ratwood forest(which has actually helped out other ratkin armies tremendously). Never the less, they are,unfortunately, always supported by at least one unit of plague rats, who help them find the "disease" of other civilizations and has never been denied battle, no matter how fast or well maneuvered the enemy is. In recent years, a population boom has forced more and more colonization raids as there is simply no more room for anyone.

Raterdamn:When ever a Ratkin invasion wants to find new land, they go to sea and whenever they want to go to sea they go to port. Raterdamn is the largest port(in terms of population) in the entire world, and also has the fast producing shipyards anywhere, capable of churning out a new ship every day or so. To complement their large number of ships is, the largest and most experienced pool of navigators and sailors outside of Stygia, due in part to their ability to "import" wer-rats and because one of the rights of rathood is to successful pilot a small boat out of a whirlpool. In terms of numbers and experience, they are second to none, in terms of weaponry and gunner, however their only seconds are the Inaros and Plain Riders.

The (Rat)Court of Siçovul taun:Often considered an unbelievable break in ancient tradition(which has resulted in the addition of Rat before court on most maps) The Court of Siçovul taun is the place in which the god of storms and purging resides. Here, training day and night(and rumored more) are the storm guardians, the protectors of Siçovul taun and also considered the most disciplined troops on the continent. In terms of weaponry, tactics, numbers, diversity, and discipline no army can match them. Fortunatly, they rarely leave the court as that would mean leaving their sick god to fend against the many enemies he has; but, rumor has it, that those times are about to pass...

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