Saturday, January 7, 2012

Forces of War:Gnomes

Garf Works:The largest, and most powerful, trading company within all of Gnome's grasp. One reason for Garf's many success is, that their Main Branch is seated in Gnomegard, their capital city.  The private army of Garf is extremely large, often winning battles through numbers alone. Their most recent success has been a basic exploitation  of the technology behind the scarecrows "talking boxes", through which they have heard strange voices coming in from the heavens, which has caused Chaos to attack Gnomegard again.

Company of Colonies:The Company of Colonies is a series of Gnomish Colonies that have banded together for mutual protection. In terms of manpower, they are second to none, capable of calling upon hundreds of thousands of militia and hundreds of ships in a relatively short period of time. In terms of discipline, they are also incredibly high up, considering their militia  status, as they train on a near daily basis. In battle, they present an unstoppable tide of determination and courage as they are fighting, not for territory, gold, or glory, but for their homes.

High Seas Expedition Fleet:The High Seas Expedition Fleet, nicknamed the gnomish navy, has the largest amount of ships in the entire wold, with ships numbering well into the tens of thousands. While they are great and deadly ships, their main purpose is trade and colonization, another task to which they are the greatest at. The value of their cargoes is worth hundreds of gold, on a single ship, which makes them the most promising target for pirates the world over. The High Seas Expedition Fleet has had only one major lose in it's twenty-four hundred years of activity, Da Bata o' seva 'undred ded comb boets an' onla tree ded Trol boets du ta Da Dred Perat Robsya dat loed'd us wit milionz o' geld koinz (Battle of Curdenmar) in 1886 a.d.c..

Gasganol Works:Gasganol Works is the main rival of Garf works and is set in the city of Gnomemarn. The mayor in charge of Gaganol Works stresses technology above all else and, because of this stress on moving forward, they are the most advanced trading company. They use Harvesters, steam cannons, and flying nests as if they were nothing more then as if they were a sword or suit of armor. Their almost reckless treatment of life has lead to rumors that they are actually Scol Gnomes, but then they see them in battle and know that no scol gnome would fight that bravley.

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