Friday, January 27, 2012

Forces of War:Inaros

Quehlet Empire:The Quehlet Empire is the best known, and most powerful, of all of the tribes of Inaros;so much so that it has gained renown for its successful raids on the more advance realms. Their success is largely due to their leader, Mazotrathen, the immortal god-emperor. Even if an opponent knows exactly where they are and exactly how many of them their are, he will still suddenly find one of his rear under attack in the middle of battle when ambushing warriors come out of nowhere, and even if they think they know how they deployed, it will never be right and suddenly their elite troops will be fighting air while the rest of their force is destroyed. However, Mazotrathen can't be in every place at once, so he has given many chiefs and nobles his secrets, which they take with them to the grave and beyond (even attempts to resurrect them just for the knowledge has been fruitless).

Estoga: Every person who goes to Inaros know that the southern part is frozen solid, what they often find out to late is that cold and ice don't mean it's uninhabited. The Estoga are a single tribe who are spread all over the southern tundras and have adapted to life their remarkably well. In fact, they are the only people to successfully tame the Walrek, a dangerous and large tusked creature with the attitude of a hundred angry bears. Despite their tendency to shun outsiders, they do hire themselves out as mercenaries to other tribes, simply to acquire weapons and food they wouldn't have been able to before, and are so effective that even the Dominion has made use of them from time to time. In battle, they present a fast moving and hard hitting wall of flint and tusks, so effective that the only way to stand against their charge is to have survived one before, a rare occurrence.

Sushthuma:Where the sea and Garmaria is concerned there is only one tribe:Sushthuma. The Sushthumaians were the first tribe ever to encounter Garmaria, and they paid a huge price, in blood, for their kindness. While they actually aren't on the main continent of Inaros, few people try to make a difference between this oceanic tribe and all the others: and usually lose all of their ships in the process. Sushthumaians are excellent navigators and shipwrights, so good that even the Garmarian Royal Navy will think twice about sailing through their waters. In battle, they are a large fleet of fast moving borders capable of moving up faster then ranged weapons can hit them, and deadly enough that entire crews can be massacred within minuets; after all, theirs no room for them on their canoes. 

Nidel Nitl:With jungles covering large amounts of Inaros, there are many dozens of tribes who manage to survive in the hostile and poisonous environment. Nidel Nitl is believed to be the most powerful of these tribes as they have been surviving their for hundreds of years and have even made out some minor cities within the treetops. However, extremely little is known about them, other then that they will work alongside any army so long as the price is right. They are never seen in battle, for that would imply that both sides have an equal chance of winning.

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