Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Battle of Imperial Ford

At the beginning of the Holy War the Vissarians had too large an army to transport over the Black Gulf to invade Arabi or even the Evershifting Realms. So their king decided to march over land to get to Arabi. The only problem is that the Dominion, the goblin plains, and even the troll realms lie between them and their goal. Undaunted the Vissarian army marched south defeating several armies and razing a large number of villages. Eventually they came to the mile wide river known as Imperial Ford, the river that separates the continent of the ancients(and the Dominion) from the southern continent.

A short time after they crossed the river the Vissarian army came under attack by a large Troll werbend trying to invade the Dominion. They two armies clashed near the river pressing their advantages, numbers and fanaticism for the Vissarians, more advanced weapons and durability for the trolls, to their full advantage. At around twilight the two armies had fought to a stalemate with the ground covered with so many bodies and so much gore that the ground was a red quagmire and, although both armies were dead beat, they continued fighting until the next dawn.

Eventually the troll army left the field of battle, in an unnervingly orderly way for trolls, while the Vissarians claimed a victory. Unfortunately the Vissarian army lost over 70,000 of their original 85,000 troops and when they finally made it to Arabi they were defeated by a wandering Ratkin tribe.

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