Sunday, January 16, 2011

1st war of Melas

Melas is a territory near the north western part of the Dominion, bordering on what is now the Northern Wastes and was were the first Scarecrow army was defeated. However, around 280 years earlier, many people began to complain about pounding headaches, hallucinations, spasms, voices in their heads, and a host of other symptoms. Then people began coughing up blood and ,although not all of the victims did this, die. People began to blame witches and apothecaries for causing all of this. The truth however was much simpler, Siçovul taun and Verbode Kennis had declared war on each other and had chosen Melas as the "perfect" place in which to fight.

Soon the territory was invaded by an army of Ratkins and an army of zombies and quickly afterwords Melas became a place of death. The governor, Lyle Philps, Pleaded to the Dominion government for assistance, unfortunately, this was during the height of the 5 year siege of Albion, so the 5000 troopers and 60,000 militia men were all they had to fend off two armies, who both numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and they also had to keep order among the 1,720,000 citizens.

The war dragged on for 3 whole years before eventually,with the aid of  a Gnomeish merchant expedition force, the Melas army managed to defeat both the Taboo and the Ratkins. This caused both Siçovul taun and Verbode Kennis to relocate their war to the Goblin Planes were, after 200 years of being defeated by the Goblins, Garmariens, Vissarians, and the Plain Riders, the 2 gods called a temporary truce that ,if truth be told, lasted a grand total of 5 minuets.

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