Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Echoes of War

"War, wine and women! What more can a man need?"
-King Alarxis of Stygia to Karen the Exulted, the day before the Great Plague of Mastizetai

"Father, I think I heard something outside."
-The last known words of Prince Tael Hilman, before his disappearance
"When I stare into the stars, all I can see are the cities that have burned down. 
 And it is Marvelous."
-Yulisteg Heltir, Warlock

"The worlds greatest weapon? Ha! I scoff at your accusation. Faith and faith alone triumph in battle!"
-Prince Gail Sumsed at the Battle of  Gublin Valley

"Tis a miracules life this is. If only I had some more o' that rum there."
-Captain  Ulsted Imerman, before drinking himself to death
"I see that in your faith, you forgot about your men's."
-Field Marshal Granger LeeMen to Prince Gail Sunsed at the Battle of Gublin Valley

"Dear Father and Mother,
Today, I saw a man staked naked to the ground, with his organs being ripped out by some crazed Zealot for one of those "gods" people seem to care so much about. I managed to kill the Zealot, but not before he managed to bring that man back to life. It was very difficult to kill that man, despite him pleading with me for his own end. Eventually, I did kill the man, but I felt sick to my stomach. I don't know if it is some sort of magik that that man did but, by the time you read this letter, I will have died.
Your son,
-a letter found on the body of Jem Litzer after committing suicide

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