Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Echoes of War

"Just as you thought us to be nothing more than savage beasts, we believe you to be nothing more than living waste. Allow what has transpired here to be proof of this."
-Words carved into the corpses of all the citizens of the Dominion colony of Gulestein

"Beware I tell you. In this land, all you will find are those...things. They look like men, but they're not. They are made of bones, but...they have no flesh. They only seem to exist for killing those who think themselves strong enough to defeat them. Do not go to their lands. All you will find is death."
-Lindel Maet, advising Dominion troops against moving into Scarecrow territory

"Many ages ago, there was a kingdom which stretched across the world, inhabited by creatures known as One. Their realm encompassed all the creatures of the world, and not a single valley or island was out of their grasp. The One had cities which were wider than the widest ocean, and were taller than the tallest mountain. They managed to bind their kingdom together through the use of magics and sciences. All of the elements of the world bent to their will, as they could force entire continents to rise and fall as they saw fit.

However, their power made them arrogant as they never prayed; and this was lead to their own destruction.

From the skies came the beast known only as the Ruler; the servant of some long forgotten god of vengeance. He punished the One in many long battles, where entire cities were gouged out of the ground or burned up in his fearsome breath, leaving behind only scorched deserts and giant claw marks. Eventually, the One and the Ruler fought a single last battle in the in which both sides fought to the death. The only mark of this battle would be the Cursed Sea, the outer-borders of which are marked by the Grand Line. However, the Ruler was only injured in the fighting, and is know biding his time to destroy the world."
-The Elven legend of the One and the Ruler

"If Iz didun no betta', witc is ta say dat I dont, but dat dere sonds alot lik un o' dem shado panzies"
-Turbit Feyla', upon hearing of the "Night Ones"

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