Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Echos of War:In the Beginning

"Luana was the first of the gods to come to our world. She gazed upon the barren landscape of fire and rocks, and desired to do something good with this place. She melted the many crystals of the world, and first created water. Xelmar came after Luana, and decided to help. He pulled all the fire into one disk, and created the sun. Next came the twins Gascoal and Solarian, who twirled Luana's and Xelmar's creations together. The sheer variety of mindless plants and beasts so impressed the gods, that it attracted the attention of others. Yelum, Reslia, Heus, Alsae, and a hundred other lesser gods attempted to make life on the planet, but all fell short of expectations. Then, Luana created the first Elves, and convinced every other god to help her nourish this race. The gods agreed, and ever since that day, the Elves have held dominance over all other races because the gods are still making them better."
-Elven creation myth

"At first there was Ataxia, all was empty, silent, endless. But then came Light and Day, Darkness and Night, Death and Life. From these were born Gaea and Ouranos, the Earth and the Heavens. Ataxia was shunned away and the children of Gaea and Ouranos would be the Cyclops, the Hecatoncheires and the Titans. Ouranos feared his children and tried to imprison them deep into the earth, but the youngest of the Titans, Chilieties, would slay his own father. It was then that the rule of the Titans began. Then the Gods, children of the Titans, arose and usurped their parents in a battle of epic proportions, all but three of the Titans joined the fight, who were spared. The Gods prevailed and the Titans had fallen, which brought forth a new rule and the children of the Gods now roam the Earth. Just like Ouranos usurped Ataxia, Chilieties usurped Ouranos and Dias usurped Chilieties, so shall Alarxis usurp Dias, and make the Stygians the rulers of the earth and the heaven."
-The creation of the gods, as understood by Heradoth, Stygian Scholar

"In the beginning, the brother gods Delfrad and Gnelfrad and the sister god Teilfred, were born by their mother Kealfred and father Kelfrad. Immediately, Gnelfrad attacked Delfrad, but Delfrad managed to beat Gnelfrad almost to death. As punishment for trying to kill Delfrad, Kelfrad change Gnelfrad's name to Daokarlop and had him chained into the shape of a ball. Not satisfied, Delfrad took a hammer and beat Gnelfrad into the shape of a square and then dipped him into molten iron. Kealfred felt pity for Gnelfrad, and dipped her son into water to allow the metal to cool. Enraged by her disloyalty, Delfrad and Kelfrad chopped Kealfred into millions upon millions of tiny bits, which they then scattered onto Gnelfrad. After a while, Teilfred realized that each of these bits had turned into tiny creatures. Scarred that Delfrad and Kelfrad would find out, she put a pole through Daokarlop, and put him on a spit. There Teilfred was found by Delfrad, and ordered to turn the spit, so that no one part of Daokarlop would melt. To aid Teilfred, Delfrad would occasionally beat any part of Daokarlop that he saw was beginning to melt. If either Teilfred were to stop turning Daokarlop, or Delfrad to stop beating Daokarlop, then the iron would melt, and Daokarlop would kill Delfrad, Teilfred, and Kelfrad, before killing himself but plunging back into the water."
-The story of Daokarlop's binding

"All life sprang from the tree, Gno. Upon it's life baring branches are the seeds which made up all of the races of the world. For a long time, these races would just fall into the water below and, as the had no land to grow on, would simply drown. Then one day, a leaf fell from Gno and it landed in the water where it began to swirl around Gno. Soon after, a seed fell from Gno and, instead of drowning as usual, it fell on the leaf, known as Me. The people who came from the seed discovered that they had not drowned and gladly took the name of the tree and the name of the leaf, and called themselves Gno-Mes. Eventually, other sides fell from the tree, and with every seed, Me became heavier and took on more water. Should to many seeds fall on Me, then Me will no longer be able to float, and all the races on it will drown. But this matters not, for the Gno-Mes are light enough, that they will float, and will wait for another leaf to call home."
-The creation of Gnomes and Me

"In the beginning, there was only Beation. Around Beation was nothing but darkness, so he first created light. After Beation created light, he realized that is was imperfect, as light can create darkness. To remedy this, Beation created a bowl of light, and set it out on a pedestal. But, even this was not perfect, as the darkness gathered on the bowl, and formed many inferior things. To remedy this, Beation focused the light into points, and created humans to cleanse the world of darkness. This to did not work, as many of the humans began to accept, or even aid, the darkness. Sadden, Beation focused the light as hard as he could, and created the Archangels. He then turned to his humans and said 'I shall spare those of you who destroy the darkness. those who accept or aid the darkness, shall parish in the light.'"
-Beation and the Bowl of Light.

"Rite, un day, Sesom waz walkin' down tha stret when 'e don saw a real big bonfir fing goin' on. Bor'd out o' 'is skull, Sesom pick'd up some o' tha fier, mash'd it al a ball wit some mud stuf rit?, and tossed it. Much to 'is serprise, the ball start'd to travel rite 'round the fire an' noked him rite onto 'is bum into tha fier. It waz rite then that 'e realiz'd 'e was dead, so 'e decid'd to go an' bug the flyin' mud ball till it goes an' smak into some bird er somfing."
-'ow Sesom decidd that 'e wantd to mess wif uz Goblinz

"You are all wrong."
-Chaos, upon the recital of several creation myths

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