Friday, February 22, 2013

legends of War:Dwarf Helf, True Dwarfs

An interesting fact about Dwarfs is that the world has yet to see one. While it is true that people see creatures that are short, wide, and have long beards, those are actually a sub-species of Dwarfs called Dwarf Kufr, or Light Dwarf. A true dwarf is not able to be in sunlight, for he will quickly turn to stone. As such, these true Dwarfs live in the underground cities created by their lesser kin, and will only leave if there is some sort of diplomatic crisis. These Dwarfs are distinguished from the other Dwarfs by their title: Dwarf Helf (Dark Dwarf).

Dark Dwarfs are strange, as no one knows much about them. When questioned, lesser Dwarfs prefer death to revealing any facts about them; even when drunk or bribed. Occasionally, a Dwarf Helf will leave the realm for very important diplomatic missions, such as convincing a nearby town of another race that they would benefit from leaving. They are accompanied by a throng of Dwarfs, who carry tarps, spears, and umbrellas for several yards around any one Dark Dwarf. Indeed, the "greatest" of these Dwarfs are carried around by other Dwarfs, and even the lesser among them will have a team of Dwarfs rolling out carpets for them.

When they talk, their tone matches their appearance: long, pitch black, and with an air of "this is your fault" seeping through everything. And it works. Of all the cases in which a Dwarf Helf has personally appeared, the Dwarfs get what they want almost all the time. In recent years, an extremely drunk slip of the tongue revealed that the "Dwarf Helfs" that have come on the land are really Dwarf Hoedl Helf, or Twilight Dwarfs. These are a sort of messenger for the Dwarf Helfs, and imitate their tone and style after their masters.

Barring a full scale assault of the "weakest" of Dwarf strongholds, it seems that it will be nearly impossible for anyone to see a real Dwarf .

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